Bols Cocktail Experiences

Enjoy the best cocktails and experience the creation of spirits and cocktails at Bols, world's first cocktail brand. Immerse yourself in the world of cocktails with experiences that will trigger your senses.

Award winning House of Bols Cocktail Experience

Bols Cocktail Experiences

Amsterdam’s award winning House of Bols Cocktail Experience

Discover the flavour of Amsterdam. House of Bols takes its visitors on a spectacular multi-sensory and unique journey through the ‘World of Cocktails’. In the ‘Art of Flavour’, ‘Hall ofTaste’, Extraction Room’ and ‘Genever Room’ all senses will be stimulated, and visitorsdiscover the secrets of all 42 Bols liqueurs and Bols Genevers. As the winner of the DutchDesign Award for Best Exhibition & Experience, House of Bols is proving that heritage andhistory blend perfectly with innovation and contemporary design.   

Experience & Museum

A visit to the House of Bols Cocktail & Genever Experience on the Museum Square in Amsterdam isa unique adventure and an unforgettable interactive experience of the glamorous world of cocktails, liqueurs, bartending, and genever.   

Visitors find out all about Lucas Bols, the oldest distilled spirit brand in the world since 1575. The Bols liqueurs and genevers are mixed into tasteful cocktails at the end of the tour.  

Interactive Tour

To make a visit even more attractive, a free interactive audio Guide in English, Dutch, French,German, Spanish is provided. The tour ends in the revolutionary Mirror Bar, where bartenders shakeBols cocktails, based on your own flavour preferences. Those who wish to learn the art of flair bartending (think Tom Cruise in ‘Cocktail’) can do so in the magical Flair Booth. The big Do It Yourself Barinvites you to create your own cocktail guided by one of our bartenders.